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Commercial Property Management

At CADISA we strive to redefine the meaning of Commercial property management and the art of satisfying our property owners. We are focused on tenant relations and responsive customer service taking pride in the care and management of your building.

Our mission is to provide superior property management services for our client. Our mission is simple - to preserve, enhance and increase property value for owners and deliver exceptional service to tenants to minimize tenant turnover and reduce vacancy rate. Achieving these goals requires experience and an organization of professionals whose commitment to excellence is uncompromising

With your goals in mind our property management teams are better prepared to develop day-to-day operations strategies that make both tenants and owners happy with the return on their property investments.

Keeping our owners' financial health in order is our top priority and combined with outstanding tenant relations,with the focus on tenant retentions, keeps CADISA on the primary pulse of your commercial property.

All day to day operations are carefully maintained and efficiently run to alleviate concern or anxiety on the part of the owners.

Financial Management & Reporting

Our focus on the financial management area of our service allows us to focus our efforts on increasing the bottom line of our property owners and their investors.

  • Budget tracking and reporting
  • Income & expense reporting
  • Rent collections
  • Annual budget preparation and analysis
  • Monthly or quarterly financial statement
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable management
  • Cost control recommendations
  • Cash management strategies
  • Annual CAM reconciliations

Tenant Relations

We realize that an important aspect of a building's best assets are the tenants themselves. Here are some of our best practices for interacting and servicing tenants to enhance the owner's relationships and increase tenant retentions while boosting business cooperation among adjacent tenants.

  • Timely response for maintenance or administration needs
  • Attention to detail in all communication
  • Exceptional care for common areas
  • Lease administration
  • Implementing custom leasing agreements
  • Work proactively to manage lease expirations and renewals
  • Monitor and identify tenants whose space may no longer suit their needs. We work with owners to develop a strategy that supports the tenant’s business needs while preserving the owner’s income stream.
  • Routinely solicit tenant feedback. This dialog with an emphasis on friendly casual interaction improves relations among tenants and can pinpoint areas of improvement while helping future property marketing efforts.

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Building Management, Janitorial, Maintenance and Landscaping

Attention to maintaining a building's physical requirements and improving its curve appeal requires the coordination and management of a variety of vendors, from landscaping and janitorial to systems engineering and renovations.

  • Building and property insurance
  • Capital improvement/budget planning
  • Construction management
  • Construction schedules and timelines
  • Supervision of general contractor bid and selection process
  • Supervision of landscaping vendors
  • Supervision of janitorial & maintenance crews
  • Income/Expense and valuation services
  • Property Tax Review
  • Cash flow analysis
  • 24-Hour Service Center designed to coordinate timely maintenance responses
  • Advise owners on whether repair or replacement will best remedy a recurring issue

Property Marketing and Leasing

CADISA uses marketing strategies to effectively promote our client’s properties to brokers and prospective tenants. Our goal is to seek hidden opportunities to increase the effective gross income for our clients by minimizing vacancy rates and minimizing collection losses.  CADISA will only work in the capacity of owner’s representative and not as tenant ‘s representative.

CADISA provides a full range of marketing and leasing services to our clients for commercial buildings.

  • Market Research
  • Marketing
  • Lease Negotiations &Lease Drafting
  • Tenant Retention Programs
  • Revenue Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Broker Relations & Incentive Programs

For properties that may need to undergo renovation we have a team of experienced and Licensed Engineers, General Contractors, Electricians, Air Conditioning, Plumbing Companies that we bring together for these capital improvement projects.

Commercial Property Management Proposal

We would be honored if you selected CADISA to submit a commercial property management proposal. You may call 305.860.2935 or fill out the form below and a member of our property management team will respond shortly.

Commercial Property Management Proposal

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