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Condominum & HOA Management Services

CADISA Inc., is proud of its reputation as one of South Florida's most trusted condominium HOA property management services provider. Our services have been given a top rating for responsiveness and high quality service standards by our own clients.

At CADISA we understand that each condominium association is unique and we will create a customized property management program utilizing our experienced team of associates to suit your property needs.

Our property management teams include licensed community association managers, assistant managers, experienced accounting staff, office management, administrative assistants and quality maintenance personnel.

CADISA has also developed sophisticated alliances and networks of partners to assist and better service its clients. This network of professionals includes but is not limited to professional CPA's, Licensed and professional Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, Attorneys and more...

Below are many of the Condominium HOA Property Management services that we can customize for your property:

Accounting Services

  • Accounts Receivable & Collection of Assessments:
    • We provide ease of payment options for our owners & residents through association Website, Online Payments, Lockbox, ACH auto debits, or simply mailing in their payment to our office.
    • We provide collection of delinquent account via monthly late Notices.   
    • We collaborate with Association’s attorney in the collection efforts of delinquent accounts
    • We provide Board of Directors with monthly reports of delinquent accounts.
  • Accounts Payable:
    • Paying your bills on time is important, so we ensure your bills are paid on time consistently so you are not impacted with late fee penalties.
  • Cash Management:
    • The daily management of Association funds is equally important as paying your bills on time to avoid overdrafts and bank fees. This is accomplished by our accounting team by daily managing the Association Funds and Disbursements
  • Monthly Financial Reports:  
    We understand the importance of decision making. That’s why we make it our priority to provide our Board of Directors with accurate and timely financial reporting so you can make informed and intelligent decisions timely.
    • Timely Monthly bank reconciliations
    • Timely Monthly Preparation of Income Statement and Balance Sheet
    • Timely submission of Monthly Financials to the Board of Directors electronically
    • Association financials are published online using association websites
  • Annual and Special Project(s) Budget Preparation:
    • Annual budgets are prepared and reviewed with the board directors and management way in advance of the Budget meeting.
    • We also work with the Board of Directors in the preparation of Special Project(s) Budget and Management.
  • Payroll and HR Services:  
    • We are experts at human resources management. One of our services include the management, supervision, training and development of human resources. We merge current association employees into our single payroll and HR system therefore relieving the association from the HR responsibility and liability. We evaluate existing onsite personnel and after a thorough assessment of the property needs we develop and implement new work schedules so we can measure performance more effectively

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Property Management Services

  • Board Directors & Member Meetings:
    • We attend and coordinate all Board meetings. We take care of all the details so our Board members can focus on their most important role of directing and making decisions. 
  • Florida Statutes:
    • We keep the Board of Directors informed to stay current with state laws and any law changes in Florida.
  • Implementation and Enforcement of Board policies: 
    • Relieve the Board of Directors from the responsibilities of the day to day operation and administration of the Association.
    • We enforce the Association Rules and Regulations by implementation and issuance of violations and fines through established fine committees.
    • We monitor violations by owners and communicate with them until the matter(s) is fully resolved.
  • Timely Correspondence and Reporting:
    • All issues are communicated to the Board of Directors in a timely manner daily, weekly, monthly or as needed.
  • Building Architectural Modifications:
    • Handle and process all architectural modification applications by owners as instructed by the board of directors or architectural committee.
  • Communication with Residents:
    • We provide friendly and responsive management services Monday through Friday and 24hour emergency line for after hour emergencies
  • Cloud based Record Keeping:
    • Our cloud based accounting-management software and cloud record keeping provides easy access to our client records allowing us to respond to owners request quickly.
  • Bid Solicitation, Vendor Selection and Negotiation:
    • We assist the Board of Directors with any bid solicitation process and proposal requests from vendors. All Bids and proposals are submitted to the Board for approval before work is commenced. We also supervise and monitor vendor to ensure quality of work and that the work is completed per the scope of work provided.
  • Maintenance:
    • We take care of the day to day maintenance and upkeep of the property by supervising onsite personnel and outside vendors. We coordinate all annual inspections of Fire Alarm systems, Elevator(s), Generators and other Life Safety Equipment to ensure that all life safety equipment is fully operational and pass all annual inspections free of deficiencies.
  • Property Inspections:
    • We conduct regular property inspections of all Common Areas by one of our licensed Community Association Managers or field supervisors to ensure the property meets our high standards of cleaning and maintenance. During the inspections, we also look for items of potential liabilities to the Association and act accordingly. Improving and maintaining the appearance of common areas is always our top priority.
  • Association Website, Newsletters and Surveys:
    • We treat all our residents with respect and professionalism and we feel that their input is valuable to our level of service. We believe in transparency and communication with our residents and owners. With this end in mind we can provide association websites where owners can have access to their accounts 24/7 as well as access to association records such as financials and meeting minutes.

Community Maintenance

  • Building Maintenance:
    • Our building and common area regularly scheduled maintenance program includes such services as carpet and tile floor cleaning and polishing, painting, pressure cleaning, and irrigation repairs. We ensure that all Association equipment is kept in excellent and working condition.
  • Janitorial:
    • We provide janitorial and grounds keeping services and supervision that make your community look its best at all times. Our staff regularly cleans all common area facilities such as clubhouses, recreational areas, hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms and any other common area facility.
  • Landscaping:
    We work with professional landscaping companies and architects to assure your community's satisfaction. This includes the following:
    • Landscape design strategy
    • Landscape budgeting and financial planning
    • Landscape regular maintenance programs including plant disease prevention
    • Knowledge of local, city, county, and state requirements and permits

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