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In 2005 husband-and-wife team, Carlos and Jaqueline Diaz-Sampol, founded CADISA to fill a void in Miami's Property Management market. After working in the business under different umbrella groups, Carlos and Jackie saw that the industry lacked what they could best offer: respect for the industry, service, ethics, and a strong value placed upon personal relationships. Your property is exclusive, important and unique to your needs - CADISA, Inc - Carlos and Jackie - understand that.

As experts they developed the infrastructure that led to the company's growth and stability with a 98% client retention to date. Most of their clients and relationships are long lasting. Under Carlos and Jackie's expert leadership and guidance, it has led the company to managing several condominiums associations in Dade where they have focused their services, including high rises with 550+ units and smaller unique boutique communities. As Carlos explains "The aim is seeking and finding the 'right' fit between the Association and us".

Cadisa Inc. is a Full Service Licensed Property Management Firm in Florida. Since its launch, CADISA, Inc has earned its reputation and respect from existing clients and professionals because of its honesty, reliability, professionalism, competency, and dedication to personal service.

Cadisa also has Receivership experience. Cadisa has been appointed Receiver by the Court and has also collaborated with other court appointed Receivers, successfully worked toward helping the Association regain wholesome control again. Therefore, helping the Association transition out of Receivership.

Jackie and Carlos believe that "Cadisa is in the Peace of Mind  business".

Cadisa's ultimate goal is to partner with the Board of Director and work together in bringing the Board's vision of their community to reality. Their expertise addressing and overcoming challenges and problem solving continue to help communities and their clients create the environment of happiness and success.

Career Opportunities

Cadisa is always open to hiring honest, good and hard working talent. We look for friendly, honest, experienced and professional individuals. Knowledge of different sectors of the property management and real estate world are smiled upon. We welcome you to apply and hope to greet a few of you into our ever-growing family.

Please email us your resume, or fax to: 305.860.2935

2050 Coral Way Ste 402
Miami Fl 33145

Carlos Diaz-Sampol

Carlos obtained his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Florida International University with a double major in Finance and International Business. Having obtained his mortgage broker and real estate license in 2002, he entered the property management business in 2003. With his experience and background in Business and Finance he Co-Founded Cadisa Inc. with his clients in mind. Carlos implemented property management operating systems, infrastructure that supports a system of checks and balances, cloud based accounting systems and association websites always keeping his client's needs and perspective in mind, always seeking better technologies to serve the client.

Carlos is a Licensed Community Association Manager and Real Estate Broker giving the business additional insight and knowledge to serve its client base.

Carlos has taken on all aspects of the property management business, in order to know and understand it from the inside out and bottom up in order to gain valuable industry insight and experience for his clients.

Carlos continues to improve and implement systems , leads Managers, Assistant Managers,and provides ongoing training of staff and supervision of onsite personnel that includes maintenance and janitorial staff. Carlos continues to be hands on for a portfolio of properties and works closely with the Board of Directors and other professionals by providing guidance and solution to existing complex issues and/or those that may come up.

Carlos also collaborates with City Inspectors, Engineers and other professionals to address and help cure building violations, mitigate fines and successfully overseeing 40 year certification projects. Carlos has been and continues to be part of it all and it is his wide spectrum of expertise and collaborations that makes Cadisa the number one choice in exclusive property management by Co-creating community environments that lead to Peace of Mind and success.

Jacqueline Diaz-Sampol

Jackie is a Licensed Community Association Manager in Florida. Jackie's tenure in International Banking working with Europe, Latin America and Emerging Markets in private banking, compliance and administration led her to collaborate and survive bank mergers by setting up and leading complex transition processes successfully.

Her expertise and ability to lead projects on-site and remotely, setting up structures and processes, by leading teams led to smooth and successful complex transitions, nationally and internationally.

Jacqueline Diaz-Sampol brings a different set of skills to the company. She comes from a business and psychology background. In 1993 after a sabbatical from the corporate world to raise her daughters while chairing committees and other pro-bono projects, Jackie returned to the corporate world of International Banking.

Jackie's tenure in the corporate arena includes valuable experience in Compliance, Conflict Resolution, Administration, Premises, Human Resources and Security -- locally and globally - It is the conglomeration of these experiences that allowed her to ultimately create Cadisa.

Apart from her genuine ever-friendly demeanor, Jackie fulfills different roles to support Cadisa's clients which includes but is not limited to Consulting and collaborating with Association's Counsel and the Board of Directors in many different and multifaceted projects. Jackie also represents Boards and Associations at the Special Master Hearings in the City regarding liens and violations. Jackie manages violation processes and collaborates with the City the Association and other professionals to address, help cure and mitigate fines that may exist or occur. Therefore collaborating and managing the violation process comprehensively. Jackie also serves as General Manager of a 573 unit waterfront high rise condominium in Miami Beach. As General Manager Jackie has restructured the entire staff and mode of operations, supervising, training and mentoring staff successfully. She has also collaborated with the Association and Board of Directors in a 25million renovation project, and was part of the team that made possible the re-opening of Castle Beach after a 1 ½ years closure by the City of Miami Beach. She managed and successfully completed the 40 year re-certification of a complicated building , financially strapped and with many city violations. She is now working with a 50 year recertification process with the Association and the City.

Perhaps Jackie's greatest strengths are her collaborative spirit , empowering and training teams that care and her ability to bring creative solutions to complex issues, and always opting to do the right thing for the Association in a steadfast manner . As Jackie always says "I believe that every challenge is met with the opportunity to meet and remove each obstacle, to develop and create something better, as long as there is goodwill and the stakeholders are engaged and want to do the right thing for the Association".

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